… Eat What You Want and STILL Shed the Weight

Knowing that being overweight can have some serious consequences, we still refuse to give up those delectable treats that are sending us circling down the drain. Well, great news! You can still eat the same yet shed those deadly pounds.

I am sure you are thinking to yourself, “Yea right”! I am here to tell you that you absolutely CAN shed eight without changing your current diet.

It’s all about quantity…

We’ve heard it thousands of times… “Everything in proportion.” Ladies and gentlemen, it’s true.

Eat everything that you enjoy… but you need to do it in smaller quantities! The key to shedding those pounds while maintaining the ability to eat the food you love is to eat small portions more often throughout the day.

The human body is an interesting machine that can adapt to nearly any condition! In today’s society, we are often flagged by commercials and advertisements that promote eating until you can eat no more. Being satisfied is different from being stuffed.

If you feel full after a meal, they you have already overeaten. The general rule for portion size is that your meal should be able to fit within the palm of your hand. The thought of that might send you into starvation but I can promise you that you will survive.

The human body becomes acclimated to our lifestyle and as it does, you will notice that if you reduce your portions, you will feel unsatisfied with the amount of food you are consuming per meal.

News Flash… Just because you are hungry doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to eat.

With so many fast food, restaurant, and nearly limitless food options at our disposal, we often find ourselves eating until we can barely breathe.

The truth is that we should be hungry an hour after we finish eating and there should ALWAYS be room left for desert!

Here’s the bottom line… Eat smaller portions, leave the table satisfied but not stuffed, and eat often.

You should still eat healthy. If you consume less sugar and more protein, you will shed the weight faster and easier. As those abs start to show, you will find yourself more motivated to eat healthy and actually find yourself craving exercise.

If you consume a lot of sugar, you will really need to limit your portion size throughout the day. Remember, everything in balance. They way to control your portion size throughout the day is to “have a plan.”

If you find yourself shopping for food because you are hungry, you will be more prone to grabbing those unhealthy snacks… and worst of all, you are going to cram outrageous portions into your fuel tank. Planning out your snacks and meals will help you stay ahead of your cravings and will open the doors to a happy and healthy life.

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