… The Secret Behind Weight Gain

… The Beach Body, the real American dream. Many of us wonder why we can’t shed those pounds that some seem to evade. We sit back in our chairs and reminisce about those days when we could eat anything we want and not gain a pound. Now, even vegetables seems to stick to our sides.

There is something you need to know about why we retain our weight. If you know the reason why you can’t lose weight… you have the answer on how you can turn that unwanted FAT into fuel you can use to propel yourself into that dream body!

Here’s the secret…

Think about your body like a car… Load the truck with 500 pounds of cinder-block and you run into a world of trouble. The vehicle loses its agility, the engine struggles causing irreparable damage to internal components, you burn through fuel with only a fraction of the distance traveled.

Obesity tends to work the same with our bodies. Carrying that extra weight burns more of your energy causing you to lose motivation to work out, our internal components like our joints and organs struggle to maintain efficiency and end up wearing out far earlier than they should. Not to mention, our arteries are experiencing stress and hardening which is a LIFE THREATENING condition!

It’s all about Insulin

When you eat, your body produces an important hormone… Insulin. Insulin is responsible for triggering cells to harness energy from food by causing your cells to move sugar (glucose) within the cells converting that sugar into fuel to run your machine.

When your body becomes “Insulin Resistant,” your cells no longer respond to insulin as it should. The more obese we get, the more resistant our cells get to the hormone. An inflammatory chemical is released by your body which ends up causing your body to become resistant to insulin.

… This “Resistance” results in an exponential increase in fat storage thus perpetuating the cycle of weight gain.


“DANGER… DANGER Will Robinson”!

As more sugar builds up in your body, your body stimulates an emergency signal to your pancreas “Requesting Immediate Reinforcements” sending your pancreas into overdrive. Here’s the real kicker… the extra insulin excreted by your pancreas ends up causing your body to go into fuel storage mode. What it all boils down to… as you fill your tank with low grade fuel, you store excessive amounts of glucose in the form of FAT… And no one wants to do that.

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