… What Are You Putting In Your Tank???

When it comes to our bodies, you had better pay attention to what you put in. You can try to deny it all you want to but “Garbage in… Garbage out.” Let’s take a look back at what you have been eating this last week. Try to remember what you ate and how you felt afterwards. Were you full of energy after you ate? How long did the energy last?

Sure… you can get an energy boost unrivaled by any health food from a candy bar but what happens shortly after that boost starts. That’s right… you come crashing down! BOOM!!! Game over…


If you want to eat well then you need to know the basics of Nutrition. Having a solid foundation will help you make food smart decisions that will lead to a happier and more productive life.

Do I need to eliminate all Fats from My diet?

Absolutely not! Fats are vital for energy production and cell growth. Fats not only provide a stable source of energy, they help insulate and protect your organs while keeping you warm. Fats are nutrient carriers within your body while helping in hormone production as well.

There are different types of fats. Some are good while others are harmful. It is your duty to know which ones you should be ingesting and which ones you need to be using as lantern fluid!

The key to knowing which fats to eat and which ones to avoid can be based on its state when at room temperature.

A stick of butter for example is considered a saturated fat is mostly solid at room temperature whereas olive oil is liquid at room temperature. Olive oil is a good oil is considered a nutritional food.

Saturated Fats like butter cause a spike in bad cholesterol (LDL) within your system clogging arteries ultimately leading to heart disease, heart attack and ultimately death. Sure it tastes good… BUT is it really worth it???

Don’t taste the rainbow… Eat it!


Don’t think about Skittles when you think about “Tasting the Rainbow.” You want to eat fruits and vegetables that are brightly colored with the rainbow color spectrum in mind.

Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are loaded with vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential in promoting healthy body function and long term energy production.

Fruits and Vegetables are also high in fiber which is crucial to maintaining a healthy and regular digestive system.

Did you know that citizens of the United States spend MILLIONS of dollars on laxatives nationwide?  That money could have been spent on a healthier lifestyle thus eliminating a lot of pain and suffering.

Mix it up a bit. There are millions of recipes on various different snacks that can be made by combining fruits and vegetables.

Try to think outside the box when it comes to making these delicious treats and actually enjoy the journey to a healthier life!

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