… 7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Terror Attacks

3. Monitor Your Web Searches and Websites Visited

Terrorism in today’s day and age has taken a turn for the modern. Cyber-Terrorism is at an all-time high and will continue to rise as more people gain access to internet services around the world. The internet is becoming readily available to all walks of life which can be very beneficial but can also be detrimental to those of us who are not as “Tech-Savvy” as our enemies.

Make sure you have an anti-virus installed on your computer and ensure that you don’t visit any sites that you are even slightly unsure about.

4. Defend Your Home

Have a plan to bed down at home for a week or so should a major terror attack occur. Keep plenty of
canned goods, water, dehydrated meat and various other safety items available should you be stuck in your home for an extended period of time.

If you don’t believe in owning a firearm, don’t worry. Be sure you have a weapon for defense which could include a baseball bat, Mace pepper spray, or a Taser. If you would like to own a Taser yet don’t feel comfortable, there are classes that can help you learn how to use it along with Taser safe handling procedures.

5. Have a Communication Plan

Select an out of town friend or relative that you can contact through a phone call, text or email should a terrorist attack occur. This will ensure that, if something happens to yourself or a loved one, family members can help facilitate a rapid emergency response to aid in a rescue. The individual that you choose should live far enough away that a terror attack in your area will not leave both of you stranded and in trouble.

Ensure that all family members have a copy of each other’s phone number, email, work phone and cell number. If you have children, ensure that their school has primary and alternate means of contacting yourself or other family members.

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