… 6 Easy Steps to Help Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss has been an endemic that has plagued men women alike for hundreds of years. With all our science and technology developments is this scientific age, there has not yet been developed a magic pill or procedure that can restore hair to its once abundant state.

With hair replacement technology at the forefront, the next 10 years will produce results that could rival even adolescent hair density. For now, we need to reduce our hair loss as much as possible and there are 8 ways to prevent or reduce hair loss in both men and women.

Step 1

Washing your hair too often can be a major cause of hair loss. It might sound unsanitary to wash hair 2-3 times a week, but that may be the cure to your particular type of hair loss. Over-washing hair can cause your scalp to dry out killing otherwise perfectly healthy hair follicles. properly-proper-way-how-to-wash-washing-hair-man-men-guy-manvshair

Step 2

Stick to the same shampoo and conditioner. Let’s face it. Products in today’s day and age are loaded with chemicals. Our bodies become acclimated to those chemicals building tolerances that will prevent or reduce damage from those chemicals. Changing hair product constantly could cause hair loss.

Step 3

Styling gel or mousse could be a leading cause of hair loss. Similar to shampoo and conditioner, hair styling products are loaded with chemicals but worst of all, they can clog pores preventing oxygen from getting to hair follicles essentially choking them out of oxygen.

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Step 4

Oiling your hair will return it to its normal state. Oil not only lubricates hair, scalp and follicles but it traps harmful contaminants that could damage your hair follicles. At the end of a long day, the oil produced by your scalp has trapped debris that would otherwise have been harmful. Washing your hair too often can reduce those oils which will reduce the effectiveness of your body when it comes to fighting those harmful contaminants.

Step 5

After a long day, there is nothing better than a nice hot shower. Water temperature that is too hot will damage hair and could weaken hair follicles. Your scalp is constantly being beat down by harmful UV rays. The last thing your hair needs is to be boiled out of its follicle.

Step 6

Stress and anxiety plays a huge role in hair loss. Many think that this is a wives tale but stress has been clinically proven to release harmful hormones within the human body. These hormones damage both internal and external organs. When you stress, you are damaging everything from your heart to your hair follicles. Just relax your hair back to its ideal environment.


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