… 6 Steps to Find Your 6-Pack Abs


Step 2

Eat healthy carbs post-workout. Your post workout nutrition is vitally important. Many people work out and then starve themselves. Revealing your 6-pack does not involve starving yourself. Having a small portion of protein can deliver critical nutrients to hungry muscles.

Step 3

Eat healthy fats such as avocados or nuts. These healthy fats are key when it comes to a multitude of process necessary for normal body function and fat burning. Loading up on healthy fats can send your body into fat burning mode. These healthy fats also play a role in maintaining stable insulin levels which will keep your body from storing fat.

Step 4

A little cardio will go a long way. You don’t need to jump on a treadmill and run 6 miles straight off the bat. The trick is to add a little cardio every other day to ensure you are burning calories and maintaining a high metabolism. Cardio also strengthens your heart so it can keep up with the demands of daily life and a rigorous workout schedule as your workouts start becoming more intense.

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