… 12 Things That Affect a Woman’s Fertility


Let’s face the facts, there are few things in life more fulfilling than raising a family of your own. For centuries, cultures around the globe have been superstitious about fertility fountains, miracle foods, and different spiritual traditions.

Along with the spiritual is the actual medical aspect of fertility. In such a fast paced world full of different chemical processes and emissions, infertility is at an all-time high even among healthy women. There are scientific explanations why so many women suffer from infertility. It is assumed that older women face infertility but infertility effects even the young and vibrant.

 1. Weight


Weight plays a large role when it comes to fertility. Being overweight can negatively affect hormone production leading to infertility or a decreased ability to retain an embryo during pregnancy. Fertility is a delicate process in which hormones play a vital part in the conception and retention of an embryo.

Being too thin is also an issue. Time has proven that larger women bear healthier children because those embryos are flooded with large amounts of nutrient rich blood while carried. Larger women will produce more potent hormones to aid in conception and retention of an embryo.

Being too thin can cause infertility or inability to retain an embryo due to lack of sufficient hormones or nutrients.

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