… 12 Things That Affect a Woman’s Fertility

 8. Rigorous Exercise


If you are a triathlete, your body will be less likely to conceive since extreme exercise regimes can put a lot of stress on the body. If a change in menstrual cycle is noticed, it is best to steer clear from rigorous activities and exercise in order to give your body enough time to relax and return to a natural state of equilibrium.

 9. Hormone Imbalance


On many occasions, the only thing that is keeping for a wanting mother from conception is a simple hormone imbalance. It’s difficult to say whether or not an imbalance is an easy fix since hormone imbalance can depend on many different factors.

Your doctor can conduct a simple test to ensure your hormone levels are normal. If an imbalance is detected, there is often a simple corrective action to the issue. If the situation is far more serious than your doctor can tailor a treatment to your particular needs. Hormone imbalances are often very easy to correct and usually do not require any invasive treatments.

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