… Top 10 Health Benefits of Essential Oils

10 most useful Essential Oils written by: gautamnanda Almost all of us are aware of the power that scent carries with it: how a particular fragrance jogs your memory and reminds you of your first date, or how the smell of a particular restaurant brings back those wonderful moments you spent with your old pals. But here is something that you might not know. Essential oils or Scents as they are popularly called can actually improve your health. They can also help you relax or even put you to a sound sleep. Some of them can actually aid in your digestion process and some others can improve and maintain your skin. What is clear is that their benefits extend well beyond their refreshing and pleasant fragrance.

A marketer from Young Living Essential Oils, Brianna Scarpelli – also an expert on essential oils says “Essential oils can have a profound healing effect physically, mentally and also emotionally. These essential oils can be applied directly onto the skin, some of them can be inhaled while some require a diffuser.

Technically speaking, essential oils should not be called so, as they lack fatty acids. Instead, they are highly concentrated plant components. Often, huge amounts of plants are required to prepare even a small portion of these oils. For example, 4,000 pounds of Bulgarian roses are required in order to obtain a pound of oil. This is the sole reason why the essential oils are priced so high.

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