… Top 10 Health Benefits of Essential Oils


Peppermint – one such name that rings bells of our childhood derives its name from the essential oil Peppermint. Scarpelli says “Peppermint stimulates and purifies the mind and in turn enhances mental alertness. Dr.William N Denver of the University of Cincinnati found out in his research that mental accuracy increased by 28% just by inhaling peppermint oil. It is one such exceptional oil that we spoke about earlier that can be taken internally and we are fortunate enough because it aids the digestion process greatly. All you need to do is mix a few drops in a glass of water and drink. As simple as that.


Frankincense is widely considered to be one such essential oil that is a must-have oil in all houses. It can be used both for soothing and healing processes. It has a fine history of usage for over a thousand years and can be used for treating depression, inflammation and to enhance spiritual awareness.

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