… 11 Tips For Professional Fitness Results

#3 Pamper Your Body

You don’t want the workout over-fatigue to keep you from exercising the next day and beyond. The best way to ward off muscle pain and stress is to pamper your body and take the time to relax and recover. Take a bath in cool to cold water and give your muscles time to recover while dulling away the pain. It will reduce any muscle soreness and will combat pain related with tired muscles. Make sure the water is at a temperature of 50-55 degree Fahrenheit for a soothing effect. Water that is too cold may bring about more discomfort.

#4 Create a Healthy Pantry

The best way to eat healthy is to shop healthy. Don’t get fascinated over processed foods and confectioneries like cakes, pizzas, donuts, chocolates etc. Instead buy fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and lean meats to eat. Toss all the high-calorie food from your pantry and replace them with healthy ones. If you ditch the junk, you will not fall into temptation over processed foods when you have no time to think. Eat everything that can be eaten raw, just like our ancestors did before they discovered cooking. It will load your body with essential nutrients without the unhealthy fats and help you to stay with your diet and attain your goals.

#5 Track Your Progress

Start writing down your progress for an ultimate motivation to attain better health. Whether you want to lose weight or build lean muscles, start monitoring your progress and maintain a chart. Take measurements before you start on your journey and keep track of weight gain, loss, muscle size and progress. Even if you deviate from your track, your progress report will not let you escape.

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