… 10 Steps to Ditch Your Anxiety

1. Get More Sleep

That is if you’re not getting enough. When you don’t get adequate sleep, the effects can actually be severe. Insomnia leads to an overall feeling of anxiety and stress. Since anxiety can cause even more sleeplessness, you may be stuck in a vicious cycle. Try to schedule a full 7-9 hours of sleep every night and see if you notice any changes in your day.

2. Smile More Often

When you’re feeling stressed, smiling doesn’t seem natural. However, studies have shown that laughter can significantly help with anxiety so break up your day by looking at a funny video online or enjoying a coworkers amusing story for some quick relief.

3. Clear Your Mind

Having a cluttered work environment actually can lead to a distracted or worried mindset. Take a few minutes every day to clean up either a living space or work area. Then, try to make it a habit to keep these spaces clean. Having less mess in your life gives you less room for anxiety.

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