… 10 Steps to Ditch Your Anxiety

4. Show Your Gratitude

Telling people that you appreciate them actually helps to reduce your own anxiety. Start a journal about the things you’re thankful for and make it a daily habit to express gratitude to those around you.

5. Focus On Your Diet

Anxiety causes significant changes in your appetite and you may be turning to fries or other unhealthy snacks for a quick fix. However, to give your body essential nutrients, try eating more whole foods in your diet. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and B-complex vitamins have actually been shown to have benefits for mental health.

6. Breathe Better

If you feel a panic attack coming up, focusing on your breath can help avoid this problem. Short shallow breaths often signify stress. However, breathing deeply consciously helps to send relaxation signals to your brain. Stop periodically throughout the day to make sure that you’re breathing deeply.

7. Try to Meditate

Most people know that meditation can be relaxing, but scientists have also found that meditation actually reworks the way your brain functions, helping you to feel less stress. Meditation also helps you to understand the way that your own unique thought patterns work so try meditating a few minutes every day and notice any benefits.

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