Personal Trainer Certification: 6 Steps to Make a Living in the Gym

There are several different paths to becoming a personal trainer. Similar to most other careers, there are certain skill sets, personality traits and a high level of motivation if you want to succeed. If you are curious about becoming a personal trainer, you should give yourself a thorough self-assessment just to make sure you have all the right traits to excel in the business.

Some of the skills that you be useful to you as a personal trainer include, good communication skills, good listening skills, patience and the ability to motivate. You will also need an interest in health and fitness. With that being said, there is often a misconception with becoming a personal trainer is that you need to be a body builder.

There is nothing further from the truth. Ideally, you will want to practice what you preach so you will need to have a level of fitness but don’t feel that you have to reach the opposite side of the spectrum in order to succeed. Overall, you will want a solid knowledge when it comes to fitness along with the ability to pump your trainees up and help them reach their desired fitness goals.

You may be wondering about the various roles that a personal trainer will fulfill. Let’s discuss a two of those roles.

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