Personal Trainer Certification: 6 Steps to Make a Living in the Gym

Accountability Partner and Motivator

It is pretty simple to wake up one morning, head to the local gym and sign up for a membership. For those of us who have been working out for a while, we know that there’s a lot more to fitness than signing up for a premium gym membership and going a few days a month. This is where you will SHINE as a personal trainer.

People will come to you with hopes and dreams of chiseling themselves into that beach body in a month or two. You and I both know that nothing can be further from the truth.

Your job as a personal trainer will be to make sure your trainees know how to set reasonable fitness goals while also ensuring that your trainees stick to the plan. Ultimately, you will do this by helping them track their progress and prove that change can be made if you stick to the plan.

Develop a Tailored Training Plan

Fitness isn’t just about getting to the gym and running miles on a treadmill or hopping on an elliptical for an hour. A full body workout is essential to developing complete fitness that will both look good and boost health at the same time.

Each trainee will be different with different goals in mind, different body types, different temperaments and… as tough as it is to say, different baggage.

Keep in mind that many trainees that you will come into contact with will have some baggage. A lot of times, these individuals will have been teased for their weight whether too heavy or too light, they will have experienced a life crisis and will be yearning to redefine themselves, or they will have received a warning from a health professional regarding their current fitness…

Whatever the case may be, they will often be in a state of vulnerability and will need you by their side not only as a fitness trainer but often as a confidant and even… a friend.

Now that you know your main role as a personal trainer… Let’s talk about the steps necessary to earning your personal trainer certification.

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