Personal Trainer Certification: 6 Steps to Make a Living in the Gym

1. Be Committed

Don’t think that being a fitness trainer is a 2 day a week job. Although you may only meet with your clients a few days a week, a solid personal trainer will be working behind the scenes to help develop custom training plans for their trainees. Expect this to be a full time job so if you work a normal 9-5 job on top of personal training, you will often find yourself working late into the evenings.

2. Choose Your Certification

You will need to choose the type of fitness certification you are interested in as well as the organization you will want to go through for certification. Your different certification types may include cycling, group fitness classes, dance, athletic training, personal training (which is what you want) just to name a few.

You will then need to choose the program you want to earn your certification through. The program will require a lot of studying and dedication. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 up to $1000.

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