Personal Trainer Certification: 6 Steps to Make a Living in the Gym

5. Grow Your Certification List

outDon’t stop at the personal training certification. Grow your certification list to include nutrition, weight loss, interval training, and interval training just to name a few. This will grow your portfolio and make you more desirable as a personal trainer.

6. Keep Your Certifications

>Don’t let your certifications lapse. You will need to be proactive in ensuring that you are recertified at the proper times or you will not only look unprofessional, you will break the law. It is in the best interest of yourself and your clients that you recertify early and not let your certifications expire.

Earning your personal trainer certification will be a very rewarding experience. How many people can honestly say that they are doing what they love doing. Personal trainers get to take their passion and make a living through it.


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